Conversation with a future sculpture

text  / audio recording / performance
1073 words / 10m:22s

C-print on archival paper from digital original
80 x 60 cm (95 x 75 cm framed)
edition of 5

What does a future sculpture have to say?
How does it respond to interrogation?
An existential interrogation of a future self in the form of a written or spoken address.

2’52” excerpt from single channel recording

Further information

This series of questions, statements and provocations were written using a similar methodology to my work “How to put up a shelf” i.e. I review a video of me performing an action, and retrospectively write the decisions and questions I made and asked during the documented time period.

In this case, however, the action I am reviewing is the imagining of a future state, a work of art as yet unmade, so no such documentation yet exists. Thus I have to imagine what may come, how it might seem, what it may or may not be.

The conversation is one sided, since the Future Sculpture does not yet exist, though it has responded – for this text see the work: “My response is to be considered