Exhibitions & Events



  • New Modes of Art Writing
    – conference
    Manchester Metropolitan University, supported by the NWConsortium Doctoral Training Partnership
    November 10th 2017
    First public live presentation of ‘Conversation with a future sculpture
    – group exhibition
    AIR Gallery, Altrincham
    14th – 24th September 2017
    ‘Conversation with a future sculpture’ [text format]
  • X≠Y: How to put up a shelf (V)
    – performance / installation with Dr. Catriona McAra, Exhibitions Manager, Leeds College of Art
    Curator’s Choice series – Leeds College of Art
    March 29th, 2017
    “How to Put Up a Shelf has gone through several iterations. As a mode of self-querying, the artist asks himself a series of 553 questions, “providing insight into the multiple mindstates of the labourer/artist” and the practical challenges of curating itself.  

    The fifth iteration of Joe Hancock’s ‘How to put up a shelf’ comprises a co-investigative performance into the politics of curating and fabrication. Using the symbol ≠ as a representation of unequal shelving, a female curator and male artist will work in tandem to construct two shelves. This performative intervention aims to create a more level playing field whilst framing and challenging prejudices regarding positions of power in industry.”


  • Repair
    – solo residency & on-going research project.
    & Model Gallery
    July 2016 – October 2016 (residency)
    July 2016 – on going (research phase)
    Supported by Arts Council England Grants for The Arts                        

    An extended solo residency at & Model Gallery in Leeds, followed by a studio-based research phase in Manchester. I am devising new work that explores the theme of ‘repair’, considering it as an act of social, creative making.”Repair explores the notion of repair as an expanded form of making within four themes: Objects, spaces, systems and relationships. Repair will explore physical and philosophical aspects of making, relating to contemporary art practice and wider social contexts.”

  • (8 off)
    – performance / exhibition / public engagement
    & Model Gallery
    14th – 20th October 2016
    Supported by Arts Council England Grants for The Arts                        

    Within the gallery space, Joe cut the bench into eight separate sections as a live performance, using industrial tools.
    The project continues
    The resultant eight benches will, over the forthcoming months, find their way to new locations – sites where repair take place. Joe will follow each bench, speaking with the new users to learn about its utilisation within a new environment, and how the users relate to the bench as a provocation. The eight benches will, after a period of not less than one year, be reunited to (re)form an artwork, bearing the material traces and the narrative histories of its multiple users.

    “(8 off) marks the end of Joe Hancock’s extended residency at & Model Gallery where he has been developing work centred on the theme of repair. Repair can be seen as a universal activity and Joe regards it as having a fundamentally important social function as well as a practical one.
    Joe constructed a 14.4 metre long bench within & Model, occupying the entire ground floor. The bench is the literal and figurative site of repair (the woodworker’s workbench, the surgeon’s operating table, the ephemeral space between the reconciling lovers).”

  • Deus Ex Machina
    – exhibition / residency
    & Model North / North Brewing Co.
    July – September 2016
    Supported by Arts Council England Grants for The Arts.                             

    I was invited as an inaugural exhibiting artist to show Deus Ex Machina within a new art space in Leeds, as a parallel project with my residency at & Model.

    “We are delighted to announce a new collaboration between &Model and North Brewing Co in which we will regularly exhibit contemporary art in North’s Brewery Tap and its adjoining space. Our first project in North’s Brewery Tap space brings JOE HANCOCK’s Deus Ex Machina to Leeds, a large scale sculpture only previously shown at The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh in 2015.”

  • New Scottish Artists – selected artist
    The Fleming Collection, London
    12th May – 24th June 2015
    Cataphote [sculpture / installation]
    Untitled (weights and column) [sculpture / installation]
    selectors: David Benson (trustee of the Fleming-Wyfold Foundation), Selina Skipwith (former Director of the Fleming Collection), Phil Long (director of the V&A Dundee), Griselda Murray Brown (freelance journalist), Graham Fagen (artist and representative for Scotland + Venice 2015 at the 56th Venice Biennale)
  • eX – selected artist
    blip blip blip, Leeds
    December 2014
    Cataphote, or, Beauty is in the I of the beholder (parts I, II, III) [text / online / conceptual]
    selected by: Sean Kaye
    curators: Sean Kaye & Harry Meadley (Leeds College of Art)
  • GSA Undergraduate Showcase – group show (held in place of the degree show because of the Mackintosh Building fire)
    McLellan Galleries, Glasgow
    June 2014
    Anthorn [photograph]
  • SEA presents Studio Works – group show
    Glasgow School of Art
    Untitled (nothing) [sculpture / installation]
  • Catalogue Available – selected artist & interviewee
    Leeds College of Art
    No Reflection on Me [performance / intervention / sculpture / installation / text / video]
    curator & interviewer: Alex Farrar
  • Bizarre Horses – group show
    Glasgow School of Art
    How to put up a shelf (part II) [performance / intervention / sculpture / installation]
  • Spatial Needscurator & artist
    Glasgow School of Art
    Untitled (weights and column) [sculpture / installation]
  • The Way We See It – group show
    Leeds College of Art
    Eight Eighths [sculpture / installation / photography]
  • The Harry Meadley Prize – selected artist, awarded first place
    Leeds College of Art
    No Reflection on Me [performance / intervention / sculpture / installation / text / video]
    selected by: Rory Macbeth, Zoë Sawyer
    winner selected by: Sean Ashton, Romany Dear, Josephine Flynn, Matthew Houlding
  • Art In Unusual Spaces – group show
    42 New Briggate, Leeds
    Untitled [film]
    curator: Yvonne Carmichael